A new threat! - RollJam

A new threat! - RollJam

7 years on and now with more and more vehicle owners educated in key cloning theft, most new cars are now fitted with some sort of aftermarket alarm system or OBD port relocation/security device. So has the thefts slowed down or stopped? No way! The thief have found a new way to take your. At, but this time wirelessly, with out even entering the car! It's called, Key scanning!

What is RollJam?

With most OEM factory car keys featuring keyless start/entry, the biggest security threat for vehicle owners now is key scanning. A thief will visit your house armed with a black box or laptop. They will then scan for your car keys code. Now most new car keys wirelessly emit not only the alarm codes to your car, but also the immobiliser codes to start your car. These keys can work up to 5meters from your car. Once the signal is grabbed it is amplified and sent over to a receiver box, where the code is stored. The second thief then simply stand by your car with the box as if he has the key in his hand. The signal is then transmitted from your car key(even when the key is securely sat inside your house) to the box, allowing the 2nd thief to simply open and start your car. This threat is happening with all new Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Land Rover models, fitted with proximity keyless entry/start. This can also be done whilst you are walking around the shops with the car key in your pocket. The thief only needs to walk past you to steal the coders.

But it's not only the proximity key which is effected. This same equipment can also grab the code when you press the unlock button on your remote to unlock your car.

My car or aftermarket alarm has rolling code technology so is it protected? The answer is unfortunately not. The thieves have found a way past this too. A well known hacker in the United States called Sammy kamkar and demonstrated at Def Con (Conference for Hackers). He uses a side line attack.


Sammy is campaigning for all car manufacturers and aftermarket car alarm companies to upgrade the security in their key fobs. He has designed a device which is being used by the thieves to simply catch your factory remotes or aftermarket alarms key codes and stores them for use by the thief.

How does Key scanning work?

The next time you press your wireless key fob to unlock your car weather it be the factory remote, or an aftermarket alarm, if you find that it doesn’t beep until the second try, the issue may not be a technical glitch. Instead, a hacker like Samy Kamkar may be using a clever radio hack to intercept and record your wireless key’s command. And when that hacker walks up to your vehicle a few minutes, hours, or days later, it won’t even take those two button presses to get inside. The $32 radio device named RollJam, smaller than a mobile phone, is designed to defeat the “rolling codes” security used in not only most modern cars and vans keyless entry systems, but also in most aftermarket alarm systems and in modern garage door openers. The technique, long understood but easier than ever to pull off with Kamkar’s attack, lets an intruder break into cars without a trace, turn off their alarms and effortlessly access garages.

RollJam, as Kamkar describes it, is meant to be hidden on or near a target vehicle or garage, where it lies in wait for an unsuspecting victim to use his or her key fob within radio range. The victim will notice only that his or her key fob doesn’t work on the first try. But after a second, successful button press locks or unlocks a car or garage door, the RollJam attacker can return at any time to retrieve the device, press a small button on it, and replay an intercepted code from the victim’s fob to open that car or garage again at will. “Every garage that has a wireless remote, and virtually every car that has a wireless key (including aftermarket alarms from many big names) can be broken into,” says Kamkar.

How does rolling Code key scanning work?

When you first press the remote the signal to unlock the car is grabbed and stored by RollJam. We'll call this code A. But all you see is your car didn't respond. Your next reaction is to then press the button on the remote again. We'll call this code B. RollJam then grabs this code and stores this too, but in a split second also sends the first code A to the car. Your car receives code A which locks unlocks the car and Code A expires and can never be used again. But Code B is still stored in the device and can be used at any time by the thief to unlock and deactivate your alarm system and unlock your car, weather this be now, or hours/days later. The chip used in these games Tory remotes or after market alarm systems our keyloq too. Generally with only a 40-60 bit encryption. The problem with keyloq is it's very dated now and although the roll the code each time, the code never expires.

How does Pandora Car Alarms Protect against key Scanning?

Pandora uses A new type of rolling code and is the only company using this technology in aftermarket alarm system. Firstly the Pro (Pandora's flagship alarm system) comes with a full U.K legal 856mhz 2-Way LCD pager remote, which keeps you in contact with your vehicle anywhere up to a mile from the vehicle. All remotes feature Pandoras KeyLoq2 encryption, proven to be un-crackable. Pandora engineers state it will be almost 20 years before the technology exist, capable of cracking the remotes encryption. This technology has never been cracked before. With between 128 and 256bit encryption (that's billions of Code possibilities) but most importantly expiring codes! Its proven to be impossible to grab the codes from these remotes, making these Pandora systems the securest option for your vehicle.

Why choose our pandora package over any other after market alarm?

Pandora secures against everything! Weather it's OBD port theft and key cloning. A specially designed second secure immobiliser designed for push button start vehicles. But most importantly! Uncrackable remotes with up to 256bit encryption. Are packages also offer the option to upgrade to AntiHijack immobiliser tags. This protects the owner against key theft as well as being dragged out of the car at the traffic lights.

Why choose anything else?

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