NEW - Silver Package

NEW OLED  2-Way Pager Remote

FIVE sensors including Warn away for the ultimate protection to your vehicle.

868Mhz OLED

Long range dialogue encryption 2-way remote that monitors your cars parameters.

Bluetooth 4.2 Tags

Immobiliser tag allows secure use of your OEM remote with dialogue encryption 

protecting against key cloning & scanning

New Bluetooth mobile applications for Android and iOS. Pandora BT application allows you to set remote and automatic engine start parameters, shock/tilt/motion sensors sensitivity, it also allows you to adjust radio tags for Hands Free function and use your mobile phone as a radio tag. The system provides a reliable connection with all smartphones that supports Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy protocol.

IOS & Android Bluetooth

IWatch app

IOS Watch & Android BT app

Remote start

*Optional extra

Start and warm up your car

from your smartphone, with

your Pandora security system still fully armed.

Remote start

*Optional extra

Start and warm up your car

from your smartphone, with

your Pandora security system still fully armed.


*Optional extra

CLICK VIDEO for a full demonstration on how you can protect you and your vehicle against car jacking

NEW Silver - Pandora Security upgrade packages 


Security packages what's included as standard

All our Packages include our exclusive SecureMyCar extras, designed by us..

OBD port immobiliser - Designed to kills the signal from your On board diagnostics port when the alarm system is armed. This will help protect your car from key cloning theft. 


Secondary digital Immobiliser - The second layer of security included is our NEW Push button Start engine immobiliser. The immobiliser will kill your vehicles ignition circuit protecting against Key scanning and proximity key theft. 


Remote encryption 

All system utilizes 868 MHz long range multichannel automatically switching radio path and either AES-256 or AES-128 algorithm dialog encryption with remote recognition to ensure protection from hackers and code grabbers.


SecureMyCar's three Pandora Security upgrade packages......



Pandora package - Silver


Security upgrade package designed for the owner who wants a long range Pager remote, to keep them connected to the car. The Silver package comes with all the same security functions as the Bronze package but, comes supplied with an OLED upgrade remote The system also comes supplied with all total of 4 extra sensors, to protect every corner of the alarm systems.

Dual proximity sensor with warn away - Warn anyway from your vehicle with a few warning beeps from the alarms siren

Shock - detects hard impact to vehicle

Tilt sensor - Detects jacking of the car to remove wheels or towing the car away

Movement sensor - Accelerometer designed to also protect against lifting vehicle on to the back of a lorry.

As with all of Pandora's alarm systems. This package also feature Pandoras 128-256bit encryption. 

Pandora car alarm Bronze Package - What you get for your money

Our Pandora Silver Package includes long range paging remote with engine immobiliser and our all important specially designed OBD port immobilisation (To help combat key cloning). If you've ever set your factory OEM alarm system off, you would have heard the poor sounding factory fitted siren. The Pandora siren is much louder at 120db. It also features a fully adjustable 1-6 tone siren. (Which can also be fully programmed to just 1 tone). We can even program the alarm not to beep when you arm disarm the system making the install as OEM as possible.

2-way pager remote

The problem with conventional car alarms are that to everyone else, they are just an annoying sound in the night. The only person that cares if a car alarm is sounding is the owner. That's why we have a choice of two remotes, OLED  pager key fob in our package. If your alarm system is activated, the pager remote will beep and flash lighting up like an christmas tree, warning you your alarm has been activated. The 2-way remote will also confirm your commands virtually instantly using OLED screen on the remote. It's range is rock solid up to 3/4 of mile range .

We now install all our Pandora systems completely independent from the OEM system. Once armed you won't be able to deactivate the Pandora or start the car even with your original factory OEM key, as the Pandora Car Alarm independently immobilises your car. This makes any factory key cloning or theft of keys useless. So, if you were to arm the Pandora alarm, then walk up to the car and open the door using your OEM key, the Pandora would activate and start to sound. If you were then to try to start the car, even with the key present, the car still will not start. We can also turn off the arm and disarm beeps to make the install look completely factory. 

Extra Security we offer in our upgrade package to keep your car from getting stolen.

OBD Port immobiliser 

With the latest key cloning threat we have specially designed an OBD port immobiliser which we include in all our specially designed Pandora Car alarm packages. When the alarm system is armed, the OBD port is physically immobilised. The only way to open the port for communication is by using the Pandora remote. This makes it almost impossible to program a key to your car when the alarm is installed.

Engine immobiliser

We wire a secondary immobiliser which stops your car from starting when the new Pandora is armed. Even if you have the cars OEM key, you still wont be able to start the car. This takes care of any unauthorised key cloning whilst your car is left with a third party car cleaner or garage. If a key is programmed they still wont be able to start the car.

Every fitting is installed to the highest standard. We use vehicle specific harness tape and the installation itself is second to none. All panels are removed and placed safely in your boot so they will not be scratched. Then every panel and screw is replaced at the end. The install is so factory and hidden you could be fooled into thinking your car came out of the factory with the system fitted. 

Summed up:

Includes One 856Mhz  2 way OLED long range remote
System wired completly independant from the factory system 6 Tone Siren 120db siren
Extra sensor - Tilt - Dual Proximity sensor with warn away - 
Dual impact - Movement sensor with accelerometer
specially designed OBD port immobilisation (designed by us)
Extra Engine immobiliser
Specialist canbus module with latest vehicle specific firmware installed for full digital control of your car
Trunk pop fromPandora remote
Fully fitted by our specialist Platinum installer
Option to upgrade to remote engine Start *call for prices

OEM Factory system stays completely in tact and functional. If for any reason you wanted to use the OEM system on its own, you can. 


*Optional Remote engine start

Start your cars engine with the push of a button from the comfort of your home or office and it will do it all with elegance, style and intuitive. The car will stay fully locked and still with the vehicle fully protected by the new Viper alarm system. If the worst were to happen the car will shut down and the alarm system will sound notifying you instantly. The system also has a full safety system making it almost impossible to start the car if its left in gear. Engine run time can be set to a time of your choice 0-30min 

*Spare key maybe needed, Ask for information on your vehicle

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