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SecureMyCar - Pandora Gold Security upgrade packages 


Security packages what's included as standard

All our Packages include our exclusive SecureMyCar extras, designed by us..

OBD port immobiliser - Designed to kills the signal from your On board diagnostics port when the alarm system is armed. This will help protect your car from key cloning theft. 


Secondary digital Immobiliser - The second layer of security included is our NEW Push button Start engine immobiliser. The immobiliser will kill your vehicles ignition circuit protecting against Key scanning and proximity key theft. 


Remote encryption 

All system utilizes 868 MHz long range multichannel automatically switching radio path and either AES-256 or AES-128 algorithm dialog encryption with remote recognition to ensure protection from hackers and code grabbers.


SecureMyCar's three Pandora Security upgrade packages......






Pandora package Gold - car alarm

Security upgrade package designed for the owner who doesn't want to carry round a second LCD pager key fob on his car keys. The system can be securely controlled from your original Ford key fob and instant notifications come through Pandora's Smartphone app, straight to the owners smartphone. If the alarm is activated or one of the sensors triggered the alarm will instantly notify you through your phone. You can also arm and disarm the system through the app. The beauty of this system is, if your an android or iOS user, everything can be adjusted via the smartphone app. You can turn on and off sensors or adjust the sensitivity from inside the app it self. So when a Shock sensor is too high, you simply slide the slider to adjust sensitivity, or simply switch it off. 

With most OEM factory car keys featuring keyless start/entry, the biggest security threat for vehicle owners is key scanning and OBD port key cloning theft. A thief will visit your house armed with a black box or laptop. They will then scan for your car keys code. Once the signal is grabbed, the second thief with a second black box stands by your car. The signal is then transmitted from your car key(even when the key is securely sat inside your house) to the box, allowing the 2nd thief to simply open and start your car. This threat is happening with all new Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Land Rover models, fitted with proximity keyless entry/start. 


How does Pandora alarms help protect against this threat? The Pandora Silver package car alarm comes supplied with immobiliser Tags. These tags can work anywhere up to 10 meters from the car and use the same encryption technology used in the LCD remote. The tags can be programmed by the installer to do a number of things to protect the vehicle depending on the owners needs.All remotes feature Pandoras KeyLoq2 encryption, proven to be un-crackable. Pandora engineers state it will be almost 20 years before the technology exist, capable of cracking the remotes encryption.
























Slave mode

We have already established that, the standard OEM factory remote encryption can be scanned and cracked. But by using the encrypted Pandora immobiliser tag as well, the owner can still use the OEM remote safely to lock/Unlock the vehicle. What this means is as long as the Pandora tag is with in the set distance from the vehicle, when pressing the lock/unlock button on the factory remote, the Pandora will also arm and disarm. If the code from the OEM key is scanned and transmitted back to the carby a thief, and the tag is not close to the car, the Pandora will stay armed and immobilse the car making it near impossible to take the vehicle.This also means all the owner needs to carry on his key chain is the factory OEM remote and Pandoras tiny immobiliser tag. 

With the latest key cloning threat we have specially designed an OBD port immobiliser which we include in all our specially designed Pandora Car alarm packages. When the alarm system is armed, the OBD port is physically immobilised. The only way to open the port for communication is by using the Pandora remote. This makes it almost impossible to program a key to your car when the alarm is installed.

Engine immobiliser

We wire a secondary immobiliser which stops your car from starting when the new Pandora is armed. Even if you have the cars OEM key, you still wont be able to start the car. This takes care of any unauthorised key cloning whilst your car is left with a third party car cleaner or garage. If a key is programmed they still wont be able to start the car.

Every fitting is installed to the highest standard. We use vehicle specific harness tape and the installation itself is second to none. All panels are removed and placed safely in your boot so they will not be scratched. Then every panel and screw is replaced at the end. The install is so factory and hidden you could be fooled into thinking your car came out of the factory with the system fitted. 

Summed up:

Includes immobiliser tag
system 6 Tone Siren 120db siren
Extra sensor with the option to upgrade to more
Dual impact sensor with warn away
specially designed OBD port immobilisation (designed by us)
Extra Engine immobiliser
Specialist canbus module with latest vehicle specific firmware installed for full digital control of your car
Trunk pop fromPandora remote
Fully fitted by our specialist Platinum installer
Option to upgrade to remote engine Start *call for prices
Pandora Pro Compatible


OEM Factory system stays completely in tact and functional. If for any reason you wanted to use the Audi system on its own, you can. 

*Option to upgrade to Antihijack

With the continuing worry of car jacking, with all high end car owners the Pandora immobiliser tags help protect against this threat. If the Pandora immobiliser tag is removed from the car, even with the car running the car can not be driven. The system can be set to instantly immobilise or after a a programmed delay. 




*Optional Remote engine start. Spare key maybe needed, Ask for information on your vehicle

Start your cars engine with the push of a button from the comfort of your home or office and it will do it all with elegance, style and intuitive. The car will stay fully locked and still with the vehicle fully protected by the new Viper alarm system. If the worst were to happen the car will shut down and the alarm system will sound notifying you instantly. The system also has a full safety system making it almost impossible to start the car if its left in gear. Engine run time can be set to a time of your choice 0-30min