Bronze Package

 Pandora Security upgrade packages 

Control from..  

  • OEM factory remote. 

  • Bluetooth Immobiliser tag 

  • Smartphone - Pandora BT app 

  • Smart watch IOS or Android

  • Handsfree Arming & Disarming

  • Antihijack *optional extra

  • Remote start *optional extra

This packaged is designed for the customer who wants ultimate security encryption to protect their vehicle against car theft and key scanning, but still want controlled by your OEM factory key fob and a minimum of 2x Immobilisation points on the vehicle. Also includes Pandora BT Bluetooth app for smartphone control and alarm adjustment.


The system works by detecting Pandora’s Bluetooth ID tags close to the vehicle (distance can be set by the installer but also fine tuned using Smartphone app by the owner up too 1-10m) if the tag is detected close to the vehicle, the alarm will allow the system to be disarmed through your factory fob or through your cars keyless entry system. No need to carry any extra large key fobs and protects your vehicle from the latest threat of key scanning and RollJam. 

What you get with the Bronze Package..

All our Packages include our exclusive Extras, designed 

by Pandora UK which protects you against...

  • Roll jam

  • Key scanning  

  • Key cloning 

OBD port immobiliser - Designed to kill the signal from your On board diagnostics port when the alarm system 

is armed. This will help protect your car from key cloning theft. 


Vehicle Immobiliser 

Our packages are all about layers of security.  One of the key points of any aftermarket alarm is its engine immobiliser. All our packages come with a minimum of 2 immobiliser points on any installation with up to 2-5 immobiliser points on the larger systems. We also have NEW wireless immobilisers and NEW Push button Start engine immobiliser. The immobiliser will kill your 

vehicles ignition circuit protecting against Key scanning and proximity key theft (ROLLJAM)


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